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Day 58

Learn with Jason L ~ Gatsby Drupal


Unfortunately for me I have spent the last, many, mornings trying to setup Drupal “bare metal”. Bare metal meaning just on my local machine with an Apache server, Mysql and Drupal.

I have failed, a lot.

I have all those things working however, I’ve been trying to use a snapshot of my day jobs prod site and that is where I’ve run into trouble. I’ll get back to it one of these days.

However, that brings up the question “why only one code karate post?“.

Thank you for asking!

I wanted to continue with the Code Karate videos, but I needed a local Drupal instance, and well here we are. This video with Jason is only an hour and a half long. Which means that’ll take me the rest of the week.

For a quick summary of today’s effort, I’ve setup a Umami Drupal 8 site on Pantheon. Installed 3 new modules on that site, Json Api extras, Gatsby live preview and Jason Api Defaults. I’ve also setup a hello world Gatsby site locally, and we are now moving forward.

Fingers crossed for some screen shots of content tomorrow.