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Day 55

Show gatsby the GraphiQL

I’m going to try something a little different with this exercise. I have my own ideas of where this should go and how to bring it into the Gatsby theme..

1 - Update our Porfolioitems.js file to include the new query.

2 - Add some markup and extract the query into it.

Example screenshot

Adding the query and markup

3 - Error. Turns out thats not right!

Example screenshot

Type error, undefined

Bahh, headed down the wrong path.

I was approaching this wrong, the data for the portfolio items content gets called out in gatsby-node.js. That is where we have defined the “allWordpressWpPortfolio” items.

ACF in Gatsby-node.js

With this query parameter added here, we can then head right over to the portfolio.js page and access it there.

Here is an example of accessing that data.

ACF data page-context

Yes we will need to change that to an anchor, but I was just so excited to get that data there given my early try and fail.